Gift giving is one of the universal ways of expressing love, be it birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, thank you, love you or just because.


This year, since we know the holiday seasons might look and feel different, we have created Art and Coffee gift boxes, so you can tell your loved one "You are Brew-tiful" from afar.


Some gifts are big
Others are small
But the ones that come from the heart
Are the best gifts of all

Included in this individually crafted magnetic gift box


  • A 500g bag of Kenya AA Coffee (Matisse) - Single origin premium whole bean coffee with notes of melon, lime and apricot. It is among the most pleasurable coffees to drink, with its exquisite aroma with sweet comfort.
  • Purple Frame Cafetiere 600ml (5 cups)
  • A 100g bag of Chocolate Peanuts
  • A 100g bag of Honey Roasted Peanuts


And we designed funky cards to go with them.

You can also add your personal message which will be displayed on the card at the top of the box.


Please tell us if you would like ground coffee instead of beans.


Gift Box with Kenya Coffee

  • We hand-roast all our artisan coffees onsite. Each roast batch is individually tailored to bring out the unique qualities of our premium and speciality coffees.

Art and Coffee logo

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