Origin: Kenya, East Africa

Name: Kenya AA Kirinyaga

Single Origin Premium Coffee

100% Arabica

Altitude: 1,800 masl.

Process: Fully Washed

Cupping Notes: Melon, Lime, Apricot

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Seal tightly after opening. For the freshest cup use within 4 weeks, best brewed within 3 months.

Artist: Henri Matisse



Blue nude by a French artist Henri Matisse. An adaptation designed by Art and Coffee founder Iveta Nemcova.



Kenya Kirinyaga is among the most pleasurable coffees to drink, with many qualities that are remarkable. From the moment you are aroused with its exquisite aroma until the second you savour the last sip of its sweet comfort, it is truly awe-inspiring.

Kenyan coffee gets its AA+ rating based on the large sizes of the specially selected beans used: Kenyan coffee is graded by the screen size of the bean, with beans that are too large to pass through a sieve perforation measuring 18/64 of an inch designated as AA grade.


You can read all about the origins of this coffee here.

Kenya Coffee (Matisse)

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  • We hand-roast all our artisan coffees onsite. Each roast batch is individually tailored to bring out the unique qualities of our premium and speciality coffees.

  • There are different types of coffee beans available, all of which give a different taste to your coffee. In addition, the taste depends on how finely or coarsely you grind the beans.

    One espresso is approximately 7 grams of ground coffee. This means that you can brew 143 espressos with one bag of coffee.

    • Price per cup = £0.17
    • Required per cup = 7 to 8 grams
    • Number of cups from 1kg package = 125 - 143 cups

    For filter coffee, the coffee beans are finely ground. Such fine grinding is suitable for a filter coffee machine.

    • Required per cup = 10 to 12 grams
    • Number of cups from 1kg package = 83 - 100 cups

    You can use this coffee-to-water ratio to determine the ideal ratio for a cup of coffee. The default ratio is 1:16; however, you can adjust the taste and strength of the drink to suit your needs. If you reduce the ratio, for example to 1:14 or 1:13, the brew will be stronger. Conversely, if you increase the ratio, to 1:17 or 1:18, the coffee will be weaker.

    Normal cup quantity is 120ml of water. The more water you add the more watered down your coffee will be unless you use more grind coffee.

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